Auto Body and Collision Repair Services

A collision often impacts many aspects of a vehicle.  At Lee’s Collision Center, we provide any repairs your vehicle needs after an accident.  Whether your vehicle needs body, structural, mechanical or paint repairs, we have the experience and equipment needed to get your car back on the road.  We repair all import and domestic cars, trucks, vans and SUV’s.

More About Collision Repair

An accident doesn’t just affect the appearance of your car. It can also damage the engine and other working parts of your car.

More About Mechanical Repair

A damaged suspension doesn’t just cause an uncomfortable ride. It can cause difficulties in handling, braking and controlling a vehicle, making it a safety concern.

More About Suspension Repair

Even a relatively minor accident can cause the vehicle’s frame to bend because today’s vehicles are designed to crumple in order to protect occupants.

More About Frame Repair

No repair is complete until the car is looking good again. We pay attention to repair every detail, every dent, every scratch, every misaligned part. We aren’t done until you can’t tell that the car has ever been in an accident.

More About Auto Body Refinishing

An accident can occur at any time of the day, not just regular business hours. So, we provide a tow service any time of day or night. Call 770-554-5874 to get in contact with a 24/7 tow service that will bring your car directly to Lee’s Collision Center.

Complete Collision Repair

Lee’s Collision Center specializes in repairing vehicles that have been damaged in an accident. We’re equipped to handle every aspect of collision repair, including mechanical repair, suspension repair, frame realignment and auto body refinishing.  Getting your vehicle back to driving safely and looking great are our primary goal.

We offer excellent service, high quality workmanship, and peace of mind that your vehicle will be restored back to its factory design as soon as possible.

Mechanical Repair

An accident doesn’t just affect the appearance of your car. It can also damage the engine and other working parts of your car.

The experts at Lee’s Collision Center are I-CAR Gold Class certified, and we will see that all mechanical damages from the accident are repaired back to pre-accident condition.

Suspension Repair

Your vehicle’s steering and suspension system plays a huge role in the safety of the vehicle. Damaged suspension can cause difficulties in handling, braking and controlling the vehicle.

Our team knows what to look for when evaluating your vehicle’s suspension. Then, our certified technicians work to repair the suspension, so that you can get back on the road safely.

Frame Repair

Today’s cars are designed to be safe in an impact. That means the components of the car, and in particular, the frame, absorb the impact. This safety feature means that frames are often damaged in an accident. 

The good news is that we can fix your vehicle’s damaged frame. Our special equipment diagnoses the damage quickly and easily. Next, our trained mechanics can go to work using our frame alignment machine with hydraulics and powerful torque to return your car to factory specifications.

Auto Body Refinishing

One of the biggest disappointments after an accident is the appearance of your once-new vehicle. At Lee’s Collision Center, we know your repair isn’t complete until your car is looking good again.

We take pride in the quality of our workmanship, and pay attention to every detail.  We use the latest dent removal techniques and the best paint match process offered by PPG. When you drive away after picking up your repaired car, you’ll feel like you are driving it home for the first time.

24/7 Tow Service

We want to make sure that our customers have peace of mind, no matter what time of day or night you’re in need after an accident. Call Lee’s Collision Center to get in contact with a 24/7 Tow Service that will bring your car directly to Lee’s Collision.

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All of our repair work at Lee's Collision carries a lifetime guarantee as long as you own the vehicle. We stand behind our work and our customer's satisfaction, and believe that "Good Enough" is never enough.

Excellent Service

Lee's prides itself on the level of customer service we're able to offer. As a family-owned company, we know that our business is only as strong as the trust we gain from our customers. Our goal is to always offer the best customer service possible.

Peace of Mind

Experiencing a car accident is stressful, but restoring your vehicle to its factory design shouldn't cause you more stress. Let Lee's Collision take care of your car after an accident so that you can get back to life as normal as soon as possible.


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